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First Season Race

Hey, yesterday was my first race this year in bratislava.
I went ther with my ridingbuddies and it was a lot of fun there.

Gates went good, had a couple of good snaps in training...I love the gate there...


Qualifing was okay, overjumped the first double a bit and messed up the straight but qualified on 7th.

First heat was a pretty good snap and managed to get on second position....Semi was okay...I got a realy good snap and head to head on the first straight but since I was on the left side and the first corner was a righthander I landed on 4th...getting into the rythem section and we all came closer together, the third guy T-boned the second and i tried to get under them....I was on 3rd but with a lot of speed so i tried to get the guy in front of me, but he cut my line and i got on the breaks...well in semi it was over for me but it was still a cool race and the new bike is damn fast......will be a good season(...there was no small final)
16.3.08 14:11

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