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I just got back from a little bmx race in bratislava/slovakia!

All started well......couldn´t sleep til 2:30 am and got up at quater before 6 am...not enough sleep I got up get to the car a bit late...arrived at vösendorf where I met my mades markus and into the car on the way to bratislava....track was so awesome to train there!the race was hm the howl quali was a failiure..hucked every freakin than 3 runs first a good snap, pedaled the straight down head to head to my rivals an damn my chain snaped!couldn´t pedall any longer...second run bad snap was back an landed on 3 again....3rd run..god a godd snap, head to head to one guy into the first corner he tried to go into it i did an high-low and head to head into the rythem section...was a bit faster and on 2 but the first guy was to far away to get him so it was over for me!

well the race was nice...damn good training anyhow!
6.1.08 18:25


so today my holidays stardet and I´m totally happy!I need a break to relaxe....also my birthday is today so weather isn´t good anyhow don´t like snow.....

I´d like to wish everyone a very mery christmas and a happy new year!!!!!!!

21.12.07 19:26


oh dear,

damn weather and everthing sucks...the only thing I can do on my ride are sprints and gates in my cellar...hell ya did have a couple of good snaps today though I can do better ones with random signal

tomorow morning i´ll go to gym for some powertraining need to have more power in my legs

so ride on
17.12.07 21:29

gates and sprints

yo, tody i went to the bmx track for some gates, but it was so damn slipery and wet wans´t we decided to go to a little hill for some sprints, was allreday cool though!

I want to ride on the tracks...f+++ing weather....

ride on
24.11.07 19:08

Stumpy Gate

HEy jo!!!!

I just finished my stumpy gate which I build up the last days...pretty awesome to train with will be one of the main training parts in winter!

I´ll show you some pics soon!

I also want to put some new pics into the gallery so stay tuned!!
22.11.07 23:06

Season 2008 is comming

So sad but true the 2007 season is over,

But it´s november and 2008 is comming soon, so I´m now totally in pre season mode, I just started do do some gymnastics and lots of gates, I hope my gate will be ready in few weeks. I´m so glad that bratislava has this nice hall, and with the new highway we will allready be faster there than the past times...

The first races will be in Bratislava in january, but those will only be training races

First 4 cross race will be in Koppl in april....yihaa 5 months to go

18.11.07 18:57

Sorry for the late infos but I wasn´t realy able to write the last time!

So the World Cup weekend in Maribor was awesome, damn those cheesburgers had been big!!
Track was so sick realy long about 1 minute and cool to ride!

i felt good in the quali till this double near the finish, I was a little bit to slow and just cut it!cost time... but well in my first heat i was second and again on the double near the finish i lost...well i wasn´t to short but i tried to cut de corner and not ride the berm, well it was to direct and i just chrashed into the berm....that was it....good party after though!

and today I was ridin´my little street bmx after a long time and tried turndown flairs into foam!well, didn´t realy thought that it´s so easy but i´ll try flairs soon!maybe on dirt....
20.10.07 20:32

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