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So a quik info after the last Race in Herzogsdorf!
was realy was dman rainy and ther only have been a cuple of riders but it was still a lot of fun!I didn´t took mud tires ´cause i didn´t have any! but well I took the 3rd place and 100 Euro

So, I´m no leaving to the next race to maribor...wish me luck there

12.9.07 20:12

So I´m back form the World Cup Race in Schladming and few other 4 Cross races!

Schladming wasn´t good, didn´t qualified but I´ll give my best for the Race in Maribor.
Tilan Frank a slovanien rider told me that the wc track is realy hard to ride for a Hardtail.I´m so glad that i have my fully know!

The 4 Cross Race in St. Magarethen was so great!Great track an cool crowd.Unfortunatly they just have had an Manual Gate so i couldn´t do good slingshots!
Well I was kicked out in Semis again!

The next Race was Vösendorf, It´s my trainingstrack and i did my best!
In the first heat I missed the start.The semirun was much better.
In the end I ended up as 4th
The next day I went to Hungary with my mades!
After the 9th place in the quali I was realy motevaded!
But I was kicked out in die quaters.Hit the gate a bit an to riders closed my line!

See you at the next Races!Cheers!
6.8.07 12:58

I´m back from the 4 Cross Race in Kleinzell with my new Fully!
The bike is so awesome to ride!

Unfortunatly I was kicked out in semi finals but I won the little final an ended up at 5th position!

Was a very cool race but there could have been more riders!

Pics of the new Fully comming soon!
25.6.07 18:34


I just came back from the nationals in Schladming, unfortunatly it wasn´t the best day for me but it was quit cool down there!
Congrats to Michi Staufer, the new 4 Cross National Champion!

Got some nice Pics!Big Thanks to Kevin for those nice Pics!Gonna get u a beer or some stuff like that next time!
29.5.07 10:48

Some New Pics in the Gallery!!

Thank you Jürgen!!
15.5.07 15:00

New Sponsor:

2007 I´m going to ride for Rocket Bikes!

Rocket Bikes will give me a lot of stuff and support me as best as they can!I look forward for some good places and I hope you enjoy, seeing me next year riding on the new bike!

I´m going to ride for Rocketbikes till 2010

21.12.06 15:37

Yes sir

I tried Fronflips in Spillern with my bmx cycle!
I´ll gonna try them soon on dirt that´s for sure!

a little video
27.2.07 20:08

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